Monday, May 30, 2016

This Is Not The America My Parents Immigrated To In 1957

By The Burning Platform

Not that I remember what America was like in 1957, as I was not yet five years old. Years later, when I was old enough to understand, they told me their story. Briefly, it goes like this.

Dad was born in Romania (Czernowitz in Northern Bulovina), but he identified (haha) as German because, well, his dad was German, his mom was German, they spoke German and kept German customs, and lived in a German community so, applying the “quacking duck” theory, that’s what he was. Mom was born in Yugoslavia (now, Slovenia), but she identified as German for the same reasons as dad did. The Nazi regime would refer to folks such as my parents as “Volksdeutsche” —- being German as a people or race, regardless of citizenship.

Larwyn's Linx: Trump Not Fake Enough; CAIR Denounces US Military on Memorial Day; Mass Deportation Would Pay For Itself

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Image: Memorial Day 2016
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QOTD: "In 1945, both Germany and Korea were divided into two areas, one under western, capitalist control, and one under communist control. Four decades later, West Germany and South Korea were thriving, first-world countries, creating wealth and spreading it widely across the socioeconomic spectrum. East Germany (which disappeared in 1989) and North Korea (unfortunately still with us) were hellholes of poverty and tyranny.

Today we have another natural experiment testing whether socialism or capitalism works better. In 1973, Chile was rescued from communism under Salvador Allende with a military coup and economic (and eventually political) reforms began. At that point Chile’s economic freedom as among the lowest in the world. Venezuela’s in 1975 was among the highest. Today the economic freedom of the two countries is reversed. So are their economic situations. In the 41 years since 1975, the Venezuelan economy has shrunk by 17 percent. Chile’s has grown by 287 percent. By virtually every measure Chile’s situation has radically improved, while Venezuela’s has sharply deteriorated." --John Steele Gordon, "Capitalism v. Socialism"

Sunday, May 29, 2016

HIROSHIMA: Obama "just put a knife in America and turned it"

Just passed over the transom by Yuri, Savage lays waste to the Obama apology tour, Chapter XXXVI, this time visiting Hiroshima to honor the war dead:

Now, the Imperial Japanese Military, which he’s including with our heroes, committed thousands of war crimes in World War II, resulting in the deaths of millions of civilians and prisoners of war.

And yet your president, this anti-American walking disaster, stabbed all of our World War II dead in their graves. He spit on their graves.

Hey, I fixed that "Man Enough for Hillary" ad for you #ManEnough4Hillary

There. Fixed it for them.

Backstory here.

Larwyn's Linx: Trump's Intellectuals: They’re out there--beyond the Beltway; 12 steps to fight the liberal agenda

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Image: At the 100th Indianapolis 500, up to 350,000 expected
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QOTD: "Do obscenities fall from [Donald Trump's] lips more readily than they did from Lyndon Johnson's or Richard Nixon's?

Are the circumstances of his three marriages more shameful than the circumstances of John F. Kennedy's pathologically unfaithful one—or that matter, Bill Clinton's humiliatingly unfaithful one? Have any of his egotistical excesses rivaled Andrew Jackson's killing a man in a duel over a racing bet and an insult to Jackson's wife?"" --Charles Kesler

Saturday, May 28, 2016

OBAMA'S LEGACY: The Terrorist Cancer is... Growing

By Marc A. Thiessen

Responding to criticism of President Obama’s handling of terrorism, White House press secretary Josh Earnest boasted Thursday of all the setbacks the Islamic State has experienced in recent months, noting that in Iraq “45 percent of the populated area that ISIL previously controlled has been retaken from them. In Syria, that figure is now 20 percent.”

Larwyn's Linx: A President Clinton Could Pardon Herself and Congress Might Be Powerless to Act

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Image: Getting Tired of All That Hopey Changey Crap? Feel the Bern.
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