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Why Elfwick is a tongue-in-cheek persona, his message is a serious one.

I can't help but ruminate on the Biblical message of Sodom and Gomorrah as Barack Obama races to arm a neo-Nazi terror regime with nuclear weapons.


By Richard Larsen

This week the Supreme Court struck another major blow to common sense and the English language. In a ruling upholding the subsidies afforded policies purchased on the federal insurance exchange, the SCOTUS opened a veritable Pandora’s Box of legal interpretation, and expanded power not only of the judiciary, but of the federal government itself.

Seven times throughout the Affordable Care Act (ACA) references are made to policies or individuals who are “enrolled in through an Exchange established by the State under section 1311 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act…” In each case, the context is citing policies purchased through insurance exchanges established and operated by the respective states. But the court ruled the actual legal language, and even the context, didn’t matter. What mattered was the “intent” of the congress. So reading “tea leaves” now has greater weight with our legal system than the literal words of legal documents!

To be clear, the case was brought to the court on that very issue, whether the literal meaning of the words of the statute were legally binding. The decision was not regarding the efficacy of the ACA, or whether it’s feasible. The decision was on whether the law could be interpreted to support federal subsidies for states with no insurance exchange or only those states that had established their own exchange.

Even Chief Justice John Roberts, who wrote the majority decision, conceded that a strict reading of the Act clearly meant only policies purchased through individual state exchanges were eligible for federal subsidies. He wrote, “While the meaning of the phrase…may seem plain when viewed in isolation, such a reading turns out to be untenable in light of the statute as a whole. Those credits are necessary for the Federal Exchanges to function like their State Exchange counterparts, and to avoid the type of calamitous result that Congress plainly meant to avoid.”

Tom's Moving NYC: a True Story

Tom's Moving NYC - We Suck

Moving to, from or within NYC? A cautionary tale.

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Image: An utterly horrifying encounter with the FGM cutter women (GRAPHIC)
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QOTD: "The litigious social justice activists have transformed common-sense vigilance into a prosecutable crime of paranoia or prejudice. CAIR and its ilk have succeeded in turning a large portion of America into security eunuchs who pay lip-service courage in times of crisis, yet recoil from the bold, unapologetic acts of self-protection that make such heroism possible in the first place.

Let’s not let them win.

This weekend, remember the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93 who refused to sit back on 9/11 and let themselves be murdered in the name of Islam without a fight.

Remember the passengers and crewmembers who tackled al-Qaida shoe-bomber Richard Reid on American Airlines Flight 63 before he had a chance to blow up the plane over the Atlantic Ocean.

Remember Brian Morgenstern, the teenage Circuit City worker who fearlessly contacted authorities when suspicious Middle Easterners brought in tapes of themselves shooting off guns and shouting “Allahu Akbar.” The men were convicted of plotting to kill American soldiers at Fort Dix." --Michelle Malkin

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Entertaining Hillary Emails o’ the Day: Just Knock Edition

I continue to work through the latest Hillary Clinton email dump.

Nothing to see here. Nothing at all.

The Crushing Implications of Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis

By Michael Snyder

The debt crisis in Puerto Rico could potentially cost financial institutions in the United States tens of billions of dollars in losses. This week, Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla publicly announced that Puerto Rico’s 73 billion dollar debt is “not payable,” and a special adviser that was recently appointed to help straighten out the island’s finances said that it is “insolvent” and will totally run out of cash very shortly. At this point, Puerto Rico’s debt is approximately 15 times larger than the per capita median debt of the 50 U.S. states. Yes, the Greek debt crisis is larger, as Greece currently owes about $350 billion to the rest of the planet. But only about $14 billion of that total is owed to U.S. financial institutions. But with Puerto Rico, things are very different. Just about the entire 73 billion dollar debt is owed to U.S. financial institutions, and this could potentially cause massive problems for some extremely leveraged Wall Street firms.

There is a reason why Puerto Rico is called “America’s Greece”. In Puerto Rico today, more than 40 percent of the population is living in poverty, the unemployment rate is over 12 percent, and the economy of the small island nation has continually been in recession since 2006.

Yet all this time Puerto Rico has continued to pile up even more debt. Finally, it has gotten to the point where all of this debt is simply unpayable


By Cliff Kincaid

Justice Antonin Scalia said in his dissent in the same-sex marriage case that the ruling was a threat to our democratic form of government and constitutes a “judicial Putsch,” or secret power grab. He didn’t just say the majority was wrong or misguided; he essentially said they had conspired to overthrow our form of government. His position on the Court may have made it impossible to supply specifics. But one possible explanation of what he meant is that he saw a conflict-of-interest on the part of members of the majority, which required their recusal from the case.

Rather than investigate what Scalia is hinting at, our media have opened fire on Scalia for blowing the whistle on judicial corruption.

In fact, the push for gay marriage has been tainted by lies from the beginning. As Professor Paul Kengor notes, Obama himself was caught lying by his own adviser, David Axelrod, who now admits Obama favored gay marriage when he was publicly opposing it to get elected. “According to Axelrod,” Kengor told WorldNetDaily, “Obama supported gay marriage as far back as the mid-1990s, when he was an aspiring Chicago politician. He publicly suggested otherwise, however, in order to get votes, especially from African-Americans who rejected gay marriage in higher numbers than white Americans.”

Larwyn's Linx: Admission of Hillary’s classified emails opens door for feds to seize her servers

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Image: In Vienna, John Kerry shows he's determined to overcome any obstacle to reach Iran nuclear deal
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QOTD: "Does anyone really believe the Obamacare promises of quality, accessibility and low costs can be achieved while retaining our insurance-based system? Obamacare promised to add 30 million newly insured to Medicaid; force insurers to accept those with pre-existing illnesses; raise no taxes on the middle class to pay for it; force insurance carriers to allow “children” under the age of 26 to remain on their parents’ policy; allow you to keep your doctor and your plan — if you chose to; disallow carriers from “discriminating” against men and women in setting prices; save the “typical family” $2,500 in premiums; and not “raise the deficit by one dime.”

Even under Obama, there is no such thing as a free lunch. To pay for these government-imposed expenses, insurance carriers are seeking higher premiums while imposing higher deductibles and co-pays. Since health care is a “right,” since Obamacare was to be “affordable” and since the greedy, nasty insurance companies seek profits, the left will then say, “We have no alternative. Medicare for all!”

So, yes, Mr. Justice Roberts, Democrats who passed Obamacare without a single Republican vote absolutely seek “to destroy” and “not improve health insurance markets.” This is all according to plan." --Larry Elder

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: New Revelations From Hillary Clinton’s Latest Emails

I'm working my way through the latest Clinton email dump and there are several observations that stick out.

Hillary and her crew thought Barack Obama was a clueless amateur; "Journalist" David Broder of the Washington Post apparently allows Clinton ghost writers to pen his columns; disgraced, unindicted criminal Sandy Berger (of the shredded Top Secret Bill Clinton/Bin Laden memos) was a key adviser to Clinton; and, based upon the dozens and dozens of pages of fully redacted material, Granny Catlady was definitely sending and receiving tons of classified information through her compromised email server (which gives the feds the right to seize that box).

To wit:

Bonus Entertainment:

In Defense of Donald Trump (Not as a Presidential Candidate, But as Someone Willing to Break the Media Embargo)

Donald Trump is a self-promoting businessman, not a real presidential candidate. But he has, in the words of our favorite Bill Maher guest, broken through the media barrier as it relates to violent crimes committed by illegal aliens.

Here is the Los Angeles Police Department's list of "Most Wanted" criminal suspects:

-- Jesse Enrique Monarrez (murder),
-- Cesar Augusto Nistal (child molestation),
-- Jose A. Padilla (murder),
-- Demecio Carlos Perez (murder),
-- Ramon Reyes, (robbery and murder),
-- Victor Vargas (murder),
-- Ruben Villa (murder)

The full "Most Wanted" list doesn't get any better... There aren't a lot of Mexicans in New York state -- half of all Mexican immigrants in the U.S. live in either Texas or California -- and yet there are more Mexican prisoners in New York than there are inmates from all of Western Europe...

...The rate of rape in Mexico is even higher than in India, according to Professor Carlos Javier Echarri Canovas of El Colegio de Mexico... The only reason our newspapers aren't chockablock with reports of Latino sexual predators is that they are too busy broadcasting hoax news stories about non-existent gang-rapes by white men [like the Duke Lacross incident]...

DELIGHTFUL: New Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton a Huge Fan of Neo-Nazi, Hezbollah-Linked Author

The steady drip-drip-drip of Hillary Clinton's emails by the State Department appears to be an electronic version of Chinese Water Torture. Yesterday's release -- part of a monthly, rolling disclosure ordered by a federal judge sick of the Obama administration's stonewalling -- reveals that Hillary Clinton has a deep affection for a neo-Nazi kook.

...The issue with Max [Blumenthal] was whether Hillary could have Sidney as an advisor given Sidney [Blumenthal] ’s seeming support for Max’s antics, if not his anti-Israel agenda. Buzzfeed reported on the problem back in November 2013, Clinton Adviser Sid Blumenthal’s New Cause: His Son’s Anti-Israel Book…...

Max Blumenthal is toxic to any mainstream political candidate. Indeed, he’d be too toxic even to most left-wing candidates, his anti-Israel venom is so notorious.

Max’s anti-Israel conspiracy theories were a big hit with the Overland Park shooter. Liberal professor and author Eric Alterman termed Max’s book, Goliath, The Israel Haters Handbook... Recently, Max and a friend chased a German lawmaker into a bathroom because the lawmaker called them anti-Semites [see accompanying picture]...

[Now], the latest batch of Sidney’s emails shows that contrary to Hillary’s claim that she just received unsolicited advice, Sidney served a Svengali-like (or is it Rasputin-like) role in Hillary’s foreign policy thinking. Obama told Hillary to stay away from Sidney when it came to foreign policy, but Hillary seemed to be addicted to the long-time Clinton confidant...

...That would be issue enough, given Max’s desire to destroy Israel...

...As reported at The Washington Free Beacon, while Hillary was Secretary of State she approved of Max’s polemics in communications with Sidney:

Larwyn's Linx: Hillary Clinton Lives the High Life While Unpaid Staffers Struggle to Survive

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Image: Markets bounce on leaked Athens bailout memo
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QOTD: "I’ve seen [this hatred of traditional Chiristians] among many liberals I know. I’m not talking about leftists, who tend to hate religion in general (unless they’re members of one of the aforementioned leftist-oriented churches, or unless the religion is Islam). For decades I’ve heard casual comments about how awful fundamentalist Christians are, and this is from liberal Christians themselves, or at least liberals who were born Christian. Conservative Christians now equal hatemongers in many people’s eyes, and so whatever is done against them legally will not, I predict, ruffle so many feathers.

I’m not a Christian. I’m not even especially socially conservative. But it will ruffle my feathers if it happens, and I believe it will happen." --Neo-neocon